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Jiankou Great Wall

Introducing Jiankou Great Wall
Originally Jiankou Great Wall was built in Tang Dynasty and was restored largely in the Ming Dynasty. It is the most dangerous and steep section of all Ming Dynasty Great Wall. The section is more easily reached from villages like Xizhazi and Jiushuikeng at the north side of the wall, locally known as Hou Jiankou, than from the south, called Qian Jiankou. Because of its connection with Mutianyu, along with its relative sparseness in visitors, the Jiankou-Mutianyu trail is one of the most popular Great Wall hikes today.

Jiankou Great Wall Fast Facts
• Chinese Name: Jian Kou Chang Cheng 箭扣长城
• Best Time to Visit: April, May, September and October
• Recommended Visiting Hours: About 3 to 4 hours
• Opening Hours: All day
• Entrance Fee: Free
• Address: Xizhaizi Village, Badaohe Town, Huairou District, Beijing

What to expect at Jiankou Great Wall
Jiankou Great Wall connects to Mutianyu Great Wall in the east and Huanghuacheng Great Wall in the west. There are many beautiful spots along the way, with the most famous ones as follows:

Ox Horn Edge
The Great Wall stretches straightly from the mountainside to the top of the mountain. After reaching a watchtower on the top of the mountain, it suddenly falls, and drops down to the mountainside. The shape of ridges resembles the horn of an Ox. Therefore, people start to call it the Ox Horn Edge Wall. It is very challenging to hike atop the Wall.

Zhengbei Tower
Built on the top of steep cliffs, Zhengbei Tower is the highest point of this section of Great Wall. It is also the largest and the most complete watchtower along this section. The gentler path on the east leads to the Ox Horn Edge Wall, the east end of this section.

Nine-Eye Tower
Nine-Eye Tower is located at northernmost point of this section. Because the tower has nine arrow windows on each side of the wall which look like nine eyes, the tower was named after it. The tower was well designed with stone strips, white lime and bricks. If the weather is fine, visitors can have a bird-view of Beijing city from the tower, so it is also named Overlooking Beijing Tower.

How to get to Jiankou Great Wall
• Take bus 916 Express from Dongzhimen to Huairou Beidajie Stop. Then, walk 10 minutes to transfer Bus H25 to West Xizhazi Stop.

Additional travel advice on Jiankou Great Wall
• Please wear comfortable hiking shoes and comfortable clothes. Prepare other climbing equipment if necessary, such as gloves, trekking poles, etc.
• Children, seniors and people with poor healthy conditions are not recommended to make the hike.
• It is not recommended to hike under bad weather conditions.
• Jiankou Great Wall hasn’t been reconstructed and some parts are ruined. Please watch out your steps and take care of yourselves.
• For your safety, please do not explore the Great Wall alone.
• Prepare some food, drinkable water, and wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to prevent sunburns.

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