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Beijing Happy Valley

Introducing Beijing Happy Valley
If you're looking for Disneyland in the city of Beijing, then Happy Valley is the answer. Opened in 2006, with an area of 560,000 square meters, it is the most popular amusement park in Beijing. Over 50 entertainment facilities, 100 attractions, fantastic performances are offered there, creating a mysterious and fancy world to the visitors.

Beijing Happy Valley Fast Facts
• Chinese Name: Beijing Huanlegu 北京欢乐谷
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Visiting Hours: About 4 to 6 hours
• Things to Do: Photography, Entertainment
• Opening Hours: 09:00-19:30
• Entrance Fee: ¥299/person; ¥195/person for night ticket
• Address: Xiaowuji North Road, East Fourth Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing

What to expect at Beijing Happy Valley

Thematic Regions & Thrill Rides

Happy Valley is divided into seven themed regions: Wild Fjord, Greek Village-Atlantis, Aegean Harbor, Lost Mayan and Tibetan Shangri-La, Dessert Kingdom and Happy Time. There are a series of daredevil rides for thrill seekers. Some of Happy Valley's thrill rides include:

• "The Crystal Wing," or the Shui Jing Shen Yi, in Chinese, is China's only flying roller coaster. The stunning coaster was built by Swiss designers Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M).

• The Titan Truck's Apollo Wheel or Tai Yang Shen Che in Chinese pinyin, which features the largest Pendulum in Asia.

• 'Golden Wings in the Snowfield,' or the Xue Yu JIn Chi, in Chinese pinyin, is a ride in which riders sit with their legs dangling. It is sure to give you a short burst of adrenaline when you try it.

• "The Twin Tower Heroes," or Tian Di Shuang Xiong, as it is called, lets riders fall at 45 mph (72 km/h) in a terrifying plunge to earth. It has been said to be a heart-stopping thriller.

Thematic Leisure Activities

• Pop Music Festival: The super band creates a grand music ceremony for you. Surrender to those deafening rhythms, marvelous sounds and hot dances that can easily arouse your excitement.

• Chinese Spring Festival: You will be attracted by every splendid program in this riotous atmosphere. Performances with strong ethnic flavor will bring a fantastic visionary taste.

• Water-Splashing Festival: Water symbolizes luck and wealth. During the Water-Splashing Festival, people sprinkle water onto each other as a unique way to express their good wishes. Come here and enjoy the cool and happy moment.

• International Magic Day: Magicians of the first rank from all over the world present distinct magic tricks for you. Keep your eyes on this magical world full of suspension.

How to get to Beijing Happy Valley

By Bus
• Take Bus No. 8, 31, 41, 674, 680 and get off at Huaqiaocheng Station.
• Take Bus No. 31 or 41 to get off at Houfengqiao South Station.

By Metro
• Take Metro Line 7 and get off at Huanlegu Jingqu (Happy Valley Scenic Area) Station (Exit B or C). 

Additional travel advice on Beijing Happy Valley
• It is not recommended to visit the Happy Valley on weekend, holidays or summer vacation (July to August).
• The entrance ticket includes most entertainment rides and activities. However, there are still several entertainment items requiring extra pay.
• Prepare parasol and wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to prevent sunburns in summer.
• There may be an hour-long queue for some popular rides, please seclude your time and better arrive early.

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