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Zhenhai Tower

Introducing Zhenhai Tower
Guangzhou Zhenhai Tower was built in 1380, at the beginning of the Ming dynasty, by the Yongjia Marquis Zhu Liangzu. Zhenhai Tower is located in Yuexiu Park, in central Guangzhou. It now houses the Guangzhou Museum.

Zhenhai Tower Fast Facts
• Chinese Name: Zhenhailou 镇海楼
• Best Time to Visit: April to November
• Recommended Visiting Hours: About 1 to 2 hours
• Things to Do: Photography, Architecture, Cultural Relics
• Opening Hours: 09:30-17:30
• Entrance Fee: ¥10
• Address: Inside Yuexiu Park, Xiaobei Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

What to expect at Zhenhai Tower

Standing on top of the Yuexiu Hill, Guangzhou Zhenhai Tower is also called "Sea Watch Tower", commonly known as "Five-Storey Building". In the 13th year of Hongwu Reign of the Ming Dynasty (about A.D.1380), General Zhu Liangzu, expanded the north wall of Guangzhou to Yuexiu Hill and built Zhenhai Tower to obtain a more splendid view. Zhenhai Tower became a museum since its last overhaul in 1928.

Zhenhai Tower was built for sealing the dragon gas of Guangzhou, when the Ming Emperor believed that the dragon gas would make the new emperor of a new dynasty to replace his one. By the time it was the highest building of Guangzhou when it was constructed. For a long period of time, it is the symbol of Guangzhou before the Wuyang Statue was built. There is a folk rhyme around the residents about the pagoda.

The tower houses nearly a thousand pictures and cultural relics from Sui Dynasties to Opium War. Besides, there are also special showrooms at the east side of the tower where all kinds of temporary or memorable special exhibitions are often held. At the west side, there is a barbette with cannon on it and 23 ancient stone tablets.

How to get to Zhenhai Tower

By Metro
• Take Metro line 2 and get off at Yuexiu Park Station.

By Bus
• Take bus No. 21, 24, 58, 87, 101, 103, 105, 108, 109, 110, 113, 124, 182, 186, 211, 244, 256, 265, 273, 284, 519, 528, 543, 555 or 556 and get off at Yuexiu Gongyuan Station.

Additional travel advice on Zhenhai Tower
• Visitors can walk about 5 minutes to visit Museum of the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King from Yuexiu Park.

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