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City God Temple

Introducing Zhengzhou City God Temple
First established in the early Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the 14th year of Hongzhi, the City God Temple of Zhengzhou is located at east of Shangcheng Road, Zhengzhou City. The City God Temple is the most common place for ancient Han's religious aim. Most of the City God is performed by local heroes or celebrities, who will protect the city by Han folks and Taoists' saying.

Zhengzhou City God Temple Fast Facts
• Chinese Name: Zheng Zhou Cheng Huang Miao 郑州城隍庙
• Best Time to Visit: March to May
• Recommended Visiting Hours: 1-2 hours
• Things to Do: Photography, Architecture, Taoism Study
• Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
• Entrance Fee: Free; CNY during Temple Fair period
• Address: No. 4 Shangcheng Road, Guancheng Huizu District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province

What to expect at Zhengzhou City God Temple

The City God Temple of Zhengzhou is one of the ancient Ming and Qing buildings which has a great size and remains intact in Henan Province. For hundreds of years, though the City God Temple of Zhengzhou was destroyed by natural disasters or man-made sabotages and then went through the repairs for many times, it still largely remain its historical look. Therefore, this site is quite valuable.

The City God Temple of Zhengzhou consists of the gate, Front Hall, Le Pavilion, the Basilica and the Bedchamber. All the halls are roofed by glazed tile, exquisite and compact. Le Pavilion is 15 meters high, the carves inside and outside the Basilica is quite featured. There are dragons and phoenix carved on the front roof, beside it is lotus and lions. All of the carvings show the marvelous craft sculptors have.

An temple fair will be hold in the City God Temple of Zhengzhou on lunar March 18 every year. At then, people from different areas will all gather here to taste all kinds of snacks and compliment those astonishing folk crafts. That is a quite bustling scene.

How to get to Zhengzhou City God Temple
• Take bus 2, 33, 52, 58 or 727 to Chenghuangmiao.
• Rent a car/bus from GGC to enjoy a hassle free private transfer from hotels in Zhengzhou to Zhengzhou City God Temple.

Additional travel advice on Zhengzhou City God Temple
• Do not speak loudly in the temple.
• Please dress appropriately in the temple.

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