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Mt. Panshan Scenic Area

Introducing Mt. Panshan Scenic Area (from Tourist Information and Consulting Center of Tianjin)
Mt. Panshan Scenic Area located in Ji County, the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan, 60 km on east of Beijing. The record about Mt. Panshan Scenic Area started from Han Dynasty, prosperous in Qing Dynasty. Mt. Panshan Scenic Area is famous for both natural scenery and cultural relics, and it is a tourist resort of Culture of Buddhism and imperial culture. Mt. Panshan Scenic Area was known among Buddhists in Tang Dynasty as "East Wutai Mountain", and in Kangxi period, Mt. Panshan Scenic Area was known as "First Mountain on east of Beijing". Mt. Panshan Scenic Area is one of the top 15 tourist attractions in China. Emperor Qianlong visited Mt. Panshan for 32 times, and left 1702 poems about Mt. Panshan Scenic Area, and he said "if I know Mount Pan earlier, there is no need to go to regions on south of the Yangtze River". In 1994, it was approved by the State Council as the National Key Nature scenic area; in 2007, it was classified as the first batch of national AAAAA scenic area by Chinese National Tourism Administration; in 2011, it was rated as Top 100 scenic areas in China by Chinese National Tourism Administration; in 2012, it was rated as “Advanced Units of National Tourism System” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Chinese National Tourism Administration.

Mt. Panshan Scenic Area Fast Facts
• Chinese Name: Pan Shan 盘山
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Recommended Visiting Hours: 4-5 hours
• Things to Do: Photography, Hiking, Nature
• Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
• Entrance Fee: CNY 78
• Address: Lianhualing Village, Guanzhuang Town, Ji County, Tianjin

What to expect at Mt. Panshan Scenic Area
Mt. Panshan Scenic Area has lush forest, ancient cave, strange peak and clear stream, 5 scenic areas open to public, and it has more than 300 attractions. The all-service center in front of the front gate offers a leisure place that has the imperial style. And there are three rope-ways named Rusheng, Yusong and Guayue, and the environmental sightseeing car. They can transport the visitors to the main peak, Guayue Peak. The magic natural scenery has abundant cultural landscapes; it attracts the sights of tourists domestic and aboard. The scenic area covers an area of 106 square kilometers. Welcome friends from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful scenery, fascinating legend and excellent service.

How to get to Mt. Panshan Scenic Area
• Mt. Panshan Scenic Area is approximately 140km away from Tianjin and 100 km from Beijing.
• Take a bus from Tianjin Tourist Bus Center to Mt. Panshan Scenic Area directly.
• Take a bus from Beijing Dongzhimen Long-Distance Bus Station to Mt. Panshan.
• Take a train from Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin North Railway Station or Beijing East Railway Station to Ji County. Then take bus 12 to the scenic area.
• Rent a car/bus from GGC to enjoy a hassle free private transfer from hotels in Tianjin or Beijing to Mt. Panshan Scenic Area.

Additional travel advice on Mt. Panshan Scenic Area
• Please wear comfortable hiking shoes and clothes.
• From November 15 to March 15 of the next year is the forest fire prevention period. Only half the mountain is open to the public.
• Temple fair is held in spring annually at the scenic area. Visitors can enjoy performances reproducing the grand scene of Emperor Qianlong visiting the Mt. Panshan.

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