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Water Park

Introducing Tianjin Water Park, Tianjin Water Park Guide, Tianjin Water Park Travel Guide
Edited by Hillary

Tianjin Water Park, the largest park in Tianjin, covers an area of 200 hectares. Half of the park is water surface, which is divided into the east lakes, the west lake and several smaller lakes. Inlaid on the lakes are 13 islets, which are decorated with pavilions, towers and terraces and connected with one another by exquisite curved bridges, arch bridges and dykes lined with weeping willows, giving a unique charm to the park.

Main Scenic Spots

Bibo Garden

Covering an area of 23.5 mu, Bibo Garden has a similar look with Chengde Summer Resort. Bibo Garden is in the southeast of Tianjin Water Park, the tiles and pavilions have shown the distinguishing features of northern gardens, which is filled with an atmosphere of simplicity and austere. Close to Bibo Garden is Shenhu Garden, covers an area of 15 mu. The main construction material is imported from Shenhu, Japan. Shenhu Garden is an authentic Japanese garden. It was established in 1989 for the purpose of commemorating the 15th anniversary between Tianjin City with Shenhu City. It was opened to public in the same year.

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden is situated in the northwest of Tianjin Water Park, closing to the northern gate of Water Park. Bonsai Garden is an imitation of Suzhou Gardens. It is the largest Bonsai Park among northern China. At the gate of the garden, stand a huge stone which is like a turtle, thus called Turtle Stone.

Tianjin Water Park has been selected as the 4-A Level Scenic Area by National Tourism Office and has been reconstructed in 2009, and it is known as the Northern West Lake.

Quick Facts on Tianjin Water Park

• Name: Tianjin Water Park
• Location: Downtown Tianjin
• Phone: +86-22-23358452
• Best Time to Visit: June to August
• Recommended Time for a Visit: 3-5 Hours
• Opening Hours: 6:00-18:00
• Admission Fee: Free

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