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Zhoucheng Village

Introducing Zhoucheng Village
Located 23 kilometers to the north of the Ancient City of Dali, Zhoucheng Village is the largest Bai Minority village in Yunnan province with 7,571 inhabitants of 1,470 families. Not only is Zhoucheng Village renowned for Butterfly Spring within, but also for its well-preserved all sorts of traditions, thus, enjoying the reputation as the living fossil of folk customs of the Bai ethnic group.

Zhoucheng Village Fast Facts
• Chinese Name Zhouchengcun 周城村
• Best Time to Visit March to November
• Recommended Visiting Hours About 2 to 3 hours
• Things to Do Photography, Architecture, Bai Customs and Tradition
• Opening Hours All day
• Entrance Fee Free
• Address Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province

What to expect at Zhoucheng Village

The entire village is in a square shape with row upon row of houses well preserved with blue-tile roves and grey-coated walls row in lines orderly like a comb. Zhoucheng village has long been enjoying the fame as 'Hometown of Tie-dyeing Art', which originated from the central plains area in ancient China over 1,000 years ago. The process of tie-dyeing is quite sophisticated and time-consuming. Firstly, soak the knots into clear water; secondly, immerse them in the dye vat for some time; thirdly, take them out to dry. Finally, put the dry knot back again in the dye vat and repeat the process until a satisfactory color is achieved. Get a chance to venture into a workshop to experience the hands-on learning class of tie-dying from a sophisticated craftsman. The tie-dying cloth finished on your own could be brought home as a souvenir.

The compact slabstones, meandering spring water, buildings with black tiles and white walls, and architecture with stone walls, generate a sense of tranquility and simplicity in you all at once. Like many other villages of the Bai ethnic group, Zhoucheng Village has its own icon. Two local temples are in sight one enshrines Du Chaoxuan, a hero killing boa, the other is consecrates Zhaomu Langgang, the primogenitor of Zhoucheng Village.

How to get to Zhoucheng Village
• Take a direct bus from Dali North Bus Station to Zhoucheng.
• Rent a vehicle or bike to the village from Dali.

Additional travel advice on Zhoucheng Village
• UV is very strong in Dali even in winter, so please wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses during daytime.

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