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Butterfly Spring

Introducing Butterfly Spring
Covering 1,965 Mu (Chinese acres), the Butterfly Spring Scenic Area is 24 km from Dali Old Town. It is a famous scenic spot of Dali. Butterfly Spring is as well the most romantic place with Bai ethnic characteristics.

Butterfly Spring Fast Facts
• Chinese Name: Hudiequan 蝴蝶泉
• Best Time to Visit: All year around
• Recommended Visiting Hours: About 1 to 2 hours
• Things to Do: Photography, Nature, Butterfilies, Hiking
• Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00
• Entrance Fee: ¥40
• Address: Zhoucheng Village, Xizhou Town, Dali, Yunnan Province

What to expect at Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring consists of Butterfly Spring, Five Dragon Pool, Octagonal Pavilion, Crescent Pool, Duige (Antiphonal Singing) Pool, Qingren Lake (Lovers Lake), Statues of Mr. Xu Xiake (a famous traveler in the Ming Dynasty), Wanghai (Viewing the Lake) Pavilion, Yongdie (Extolling Butterflies) Stele etc, among which the most famous is the Butterfly Spring.

As a natural spring of 50 square meters, the Butterfly Spring is shrouded by an ancient decumbent tree (albizzia tree). Encircled by marble banisters, the spring is 6 meters deep with pellucid water. As the location of the film “Wu Duo Jin Hua” (Five Golden Flowers), the Butterfly Spring is the romantic place of the Bai People. Its water hence is deemed the “Water of Romance”. In April, the blooms, which resemble to butterflies, of the albizzia tree over the spring attract thousands of butterflies to give rise to a spectacular of Dali.

The Butterfly Spring used to be called “Wu Di Dong” (Unfathomable Pool). It is said that two lovers from the Bai ethnic group, whose love was rejected, suicided by plunging into the pool. After they died, they turned into two butterflies. On each lunar April 15th, the locals spend a festival named “Hu Die Hui” (Butterfly Meeting). The Bai youth gather here, seeking love by joining in antiphonal singing.

How to get to Butterfly Spring
• Take a bus from the west entrance of Dali Ancient City or Xiaguan Town Bus Station to the scenic area.
• Take bus C2 and get off at Yeyu Lukou Station and then walk to the scenic area.
• Rent a vehicle or bike to the scenic area from Dali.

Additional travel advice on Butterfly Spring
• UV is very strong in Dali even in winter, so please wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses during daytime.

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