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Jinci Temple

Introducing Jinci Temple, Jinci Temple Guide, Jinci Temple Travel Guide
Article from Shanxi Municipal Commission of Tourism

Jinci Temple is located under the foot of Mountain of Xuanweng, 25 kilometers southwest to the city of Taiyuan.

Jinci Temple is the source of Jin Water. In the reign of Emperor Tiansheng of Northern Song Dynasty, Tang Shuyu was the king of Fen district. He built a large hall for his mother-Yi Jiang and named it the Hall of Female Deity. There’re 43 colored-gaze statues of Song Dynasty.

In front of the hall, the view of square pool, fish, overhanging bridges is rare in China. On the both sides of Jinci Temple in the hall are two springs: Nanlao and Shanli springs. Jin Water comes from here. The clear water runs endlessly with a permanent 17 celsius degree. In the Hall of Zhenguan Baohan, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty had written “Imperial Stele” and “Continuous of Epigraph of Jinci Temple”. The famous cypress of Zhou and pagoda tree of Tang is in Jinci Temple. The cypress is on the left of the Female Deity Hall and the pagoda tree is in the Temple of Guan Yu. The trees have old branches stretching to all directions and they are full of vigor and exuberant. These two trees with endless running of Longevity Spring as well as statues of 42 delicate maid and female deity are called “Three Treasures of Jinci Temple”.

Quick Facts on Jinci Temple

Name: Jinci Temple
Location: 25Km Southwest of Taiyuan
Best Time to Visit: April to October
Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours
Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 (April to October); 08:30 - 17:00 (November to Next March)
Admission Fee: CNY 95 (April to October); CNY 75 (November to Next March)

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