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Fujian Tulou

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Article from Fujian Provincial Tourism Information Center

The Fujian Tulou is found chiefly in Yongding, Nanjing and Hua'an. It is praised as a magnificent architectural work of village houses in the world for its long history, unique style, smart structure and magnificent scale. There are round and square types of Fujian Tulou. The round ones (also known as "Round Stockade") are the example of Fujian Tulou and they are mostly composed of two to three circles linking to one another from within.

Fujian Tulou is a well-protected fortress in storey shape for the self-defense of Hakka people against enemies. In addition to the queer tricks of defense against the enemies, it has the functions of quakeproof, fire prevention, guarding against wild animals and good ventilation & lighting. The fantastic and spectacular Fujian Tulou demonstrates the great creativity of the working people of ancient China, and it has attracted more and more overseas visitors. Fujian Tulou has fallen under the preparative list declared by China for "Directory of World Heritages". The buildings of Zhengcheng, Chengqi, Yijing and Eryi are the typical representatives of Fujian Tulou.

Quick Facts on Fujian Tulou
• Name: Fujian Tulou
• Location: Yongding County, Nanjing County and Hua'an County
• Best Time to Visit: April to October
• Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00

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